2017 Jenny Curran

What I love is that some of you will know exactly who I’m talking about… but most of you are going to have to google “Who is Jenny Curran?” Click the link, & I’ll save you the step!! Want the look, read more! 

As you will soon notice, my style is all across the board. From fancy to flowy, work wear to workout, pencil skirts to pj’s, all black to all pink & the list goes on. No discrimination here.. if I like the way it looks, I’ll wear it. Simple as that.

Where I work & what I do, I have the great luxury of wearing what I deem “business casual.” It’s fun, one day I’m in a pencil skirt, heels & rockin’ it, the next I look like got dressed in the dark. I like to keep my office guessing. I’m sure there are days where they think I’m having a mental break down & then there are days they may think I actually have my life together. It’s all a surprise really, for both of us.

Wednesday (02.15.17) was en exciting one. I woke up late (which is prettyyyy normal #fashionablylate), I think I showered, I know I used dry shampoo, I managed to “do” my eyebrows & throw on lipstick. Surprisingly, I was pretty pleased when I looked in the mirror.

I impulsively purchased these gold Gianvito Rossi booties awhile back not knowing what they would go with, but I knew they would be a “Perfect Pair” to add to my collection. // To be quite honest, I feel like Michael Jackson doing the moon walk  all cool in them.

This dress is perfect for those “what do I even wear” days. I feel like all dresses are like that. Add the perfect accessories & you’re done!  When I looked at myself in the mirror I thought “Jen-NAY” – & decided the outfit was perfectly paired with my dirty, dry shampooed hair, no make-up, military booties kinda day.

Side note ~~ I could never have too many pink lipsticks pink bracelets or pink bags — especially one that doubles as a crossbody bag & is under $100. Just Like This One.

Another side note ~~ if you read my Instagram post “It’s all about the little things really….”, you’ll understand why these photos are taken with so much love & by such beautiful scenery. (Insert laughing eye-roll now). If you didn’t get the chance to read it, I’ll fill you in.

Before heading out to take photos of what I will now call my “Jen-NAY” look, my husband decided to bring our pup along with us. I thought it was a wonderful idea too since we had such beautiful weather.

So, as we’re walking around deciding on where to go, my husband (Paul) sees these Magnolia trees & says, “Babe, stand right here by the Magnolia trees, it will look cool.” So, I do & while I’m “primping” not paying attention to Paul or Hanz… I guess to make things interesting, Hanz decides to take a huge sh*t & of course, I’m downwind. So, now not only do I have dirty, dry shampooed hair, I now have dirty, dry shampooed hair & smell like dog sh*t.  All in a days work! — I gagged, we both laughed & decided we needed new scenery. // Mind you, the entire time my husband is getting this all on camera. Mind you, the WHOLE reason was to get the Magnolia trees in the photo. Do you see them? Me neither. At least not much of them to look “cool.” haha!

After that, we moved to Mutts to let Hanz play. But somehow in the midst of that we started taking photos again & this is the best we got, which I’m obsessed with. Hanz has turned into such character lately & I think he’s picked up on some of my habits. Enjoy! ~XO, Kate

Outfit Details:

City Bag w/ Wolf Detail ~ Zara

Silk Dress with Flowers Embroidery ~ Zara

Savoie Metallic Button-Loop Ankle Boot, Gold – Gianvito Rossi ~ Neiman Marcus

Kate Cuff – Presmer

Semi-Matte Pink Lip Color – Bobbi Brown

Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain Rebel Nudes – Dangerous Pink ~ YSL Beauty

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