Y’all, Paul, Hanz & I are SO VERY EXCITED to announce that we are expecting Baby H at the end of January 2018!!

This year has been an absolute blast of blessings! After purchasing our first home, and then figuring out the demo & rebuilding process.. we thought our plate for the year was full. However, God laughed & said… not quite!

We are beyond thrilled & cannot wait to share this process with each & every one of you!

If it is any consolation, this is why I have been so short on blog posting. Because, SO MUCH has happened in the past few weeks that my head is just spinning & I don’t even know where to start! However, now that the baby beans are FINALLY spilled… I can focus on the content you guys love & more! I will start a baby blog post (it will be very minimal unless, you all want to hear more) within the following weeks to come & share a few tips & tricks I’ve learned from my Sister (who at one point had 4 under 4… yes you read that right), my amazing mother, of course & my sweet friends that are either expecting as well, trying or have had their first baby too!

I look forward to this new journey & I hope you all do too!

~XO, Kate