TOOO long to be more frank. I won’t say that, “so much is going on in my life” because that is not a justified reason. At least for me it’s not. I know of MANY Mommy’s that blog & are able to continue with their daily lives. However, for me… it’s just that, well, I haven’t quite gotten the hang of things. Almost two months in & I’m still trying to figure out how to balance personal life, mommy life, wife life, work life, blogging life… & life in general.

It’s a huge adjustment going from taking care of just yourself for so many years… then going to care for your significant other… & then caring for a tiny human that literally will only survive because of you. It’s an AMAZING thing, so rewarding & yet, so friggin scary all at the same time!

I have over 8 posts drafted & pending… just waiting for me to finish. I’ve written & rewritten so many of them because my mind goes from, “the new Spring style…” to “When was the last time you fed Holland? Has she pooped today? Did I add her last feeding to my app? Where’s my coffee? Oh, that outfit is cute, buy that! Did you turn off the curling iron? Did I respond to any of those texts? “Squirrel!” – I mean seriously… it’s one hot mess up in my brain.  – I’ll sit at work & not be able to complete a full sentence… it’s ridiculous!

However, starting this week – I’m making a list (& checking it 4 or 5 times) to get things in order in my life. My priorities have certainly changed since having Holland, but my goals have not. I may not get everything accomplished within the time frames I’m setting for myself, but I am going to try! So, stick around – LOTS of fun things to come!

XO~ Kate