I’m a sucker for all things pink, anything that shimmers & themed decor… but growing up I really did not like Valentine’s Day.  There was so much pressure as to “Will I get cards?”, “Will I not get cards?” … blah blah blah. Even once I got into Middle/High School, I thought it was stupid.. boys that age really don’t get girls (unless they had help from their mom, which was few & far between).  I mean, I don’t like candy, really never have (except for M&M’s – duh) – so I wasn’t thrilled when I received a box of caramel filled chocolates (insert barf face). But, flowers.. those are wonderful – but not ideal to bring to school & to have to carry around all day or shove in your locker/backpack.  Back then (can I even say that?)…you may or may not go to dinner, depending on who’s driving (the boy/girl or the parents) & then usually, it was somewhere (at least in my hometown) that was overcrowded & understaffed. (Harsh… but true). So, the whole day just seemed superfluous & stupid.

So then, you move to college… so it should seemingly get better. You still get the same things, but they’re actually paying for dinner (well… maybe). But even still, I really think then, only Valentine’s is something the guy feels like he “has to do” & the girls feel like “he has to do this!” Is this just me?

It wasn’t until I met Paul, that Valentine’s actually became a “holiday” that I liked (now really love). One of the many reasons I love him, is that, I once mentioned to him that I really didn’t care for Valentine’s & honestly, had not had any spectacular ones that were worth mentioning. So, on our first Valentine’s, due to our schedules, we had to celebrate the day after, February 15th.  Which was fine, he cooked dinner for me at his town home, lit a couple of candles & opened a nice bottle of wine. There was nothing to it. It was simple, understated & absolutely perfect. No chocolates I had to pretend that I liked & no flowers that I had to keep alive & no waiting around for a waiter.

But this wasn’t what changed my mind. It was every Valentine’s after that. We’ve now had 6, this year will be 7 & we’ve continued to celebrate the day after. Now we go out to dinner & since it’s technically not Valentine’s day… it’s less crowded, no set menu, & although I usually look ridiculous in all pink or some sort of Valentine’s themed outfit, we have the best time. There is no pressure on either of us to, buy a gift or make a big production out of the day. If we decide to buy a gift, we do. If we decided to light candles, we do. It’s just easy. I love our “Belated” Valentine’s day. It’s our thing & well… he’s my cupid.

Last year, we added Holland to our tradition, we were decked out in our Valentine’s outfits! She was only 15 days old, it was flu season… & she had her first actual blowout while we were at dinner. Which I didn’t find out until I took her out of her seat to take a photo! Oh the looks we received…. (mainly because we had an infant in a public setting). Nevertheless, it was still perfect & one we will always remember.

This year, I have a feeling it will be so much fun with her! She loves M&M’s, pink, red & anything that shimmers – just like her mama! She’s my little Valentine, & I honestly know God knew what he was doing by blessing me with a baby girl & in the month of February.

So, how do you feel about Valentine’s? Do you think it’s stupid or a “made up holiday by Hallmark”?

Or, do you think it’s a day to show your loved ones a little extra love?!




It’s a new year (we’re almost a month in), nothing has changed accept for the overwhelming need to get our house furnished. We moved in after final construction around mid-September of 2018, & I was in zero rush to furnish the house. I kept telling Paul, “We’ll just do it as we go. I don’t want to buy a bunch of random things to fill it & then later on, want to redo it.” — Well…. here we are. Almost five months in & Paul & I are both itching to finish each room.

We’ve mastered our kitchen, guest bedroom, Holland’s room, most of the living room & for the most part our dining room. However, we have yet to find fixtures like chandeliers, a dining table & our own bedroom furniture that we just REALLY LOVE. If you know me, you know that, I usually do not impulsively buy large item pieces, unless I LOVE IT. Not like it, not kinda need it… it has to be something I just absolutely LOVE. Of course, there are the occasional shoes or tops that I buy, they come in & are nothing like the photo, or just look ridiculous on me. However, again, if I don’t LOVE it, I’ll return it. I have no shame in returning an item that just isn’t for me. Or I’ll always ask a friend or my sister if they want it before I return it.

I’ve promised you guys a home tour, & I’m sticking to that promise. I just don’t want to, well, for lack of better words – half ass it. I want you to see it finished, not just kinda finished. Because there is no fun in that & what’s the point?! — So, stay tuned. I promise there will be more home posts.

As most of you know (the ones that follow religiously), I took most of the end of 2018 & January off of blogging due to needing a break from just everything. We have been just going & going with events, traveling, home stuff, work stuff… it was the end of the year & that is always mine & Paul’s busiest time of the year for our jobs. Plus, with the holidays & everything else that we had going on, it was hard to sit down & just type. I would easily get distracted, or figure out that I had nothing to say. I have all of these drafts, with titles but no substantial material. That’s when I realized, I needed a break, to reset, refresh & come back when I was ready.

So, here we are. I’m ready, are you?! This year, is going to be so fun. I have so many fun posts – that I’ve actually ALREADY planned! How exciting is that!?

Anyway, in case you thought I forgot about my blog, I didn’t. I just needed a break. Now that my break is over, let’s get this 2019 party started!

XO~ Kate