I cannot believe I’m already through my second trimester! I am currently 28 weeks, & here are ya’ll’s most FAQ’s from weeks 13-28:

Why four names? When we found out we were pregnant with Holland, we had chosen two boy names & two girl names. Once we found out we were having a boy, we chose Harrison Paul Eugene Halicki.

  • Harrison is a name we’ve loved for years, one of my sisters friends named her son that & since then, we’ve always loved it.
  • Paul is my husbands name, so it follows suit with Holland Katherine, her middle name being my first.
  • Eugene is my Grandfathers middle name & my fathers middle name, which I love having the generational aspect.

We will obviously never call him by all those names, but I love that his name has true meaning to both male sides of his family.

Have your cravings changed? Yes, I don’t crave really anything any more. I’m able to finally eat beets, salad, chicken, everything I did prior to the first trimester, aside from salmon. Salmon still doesn’t taste right to me.

How are you feeling? Aside from getting energy back, I feel about the same. I still get nauseous every-so-often & I’ve acquired a new symptom, heartburn/indigestion.

Are you still nauseous? Unfortunately, yes. I thought I was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with being nauseous but, I was wrong! At 26 weeks, I was still super nauseous, it would hit me in the middle of the night, if I was standing for too long, & so many other times. Also, a new feeling hit, heartburn/ indigestion — which is awful. This has been really hard for me because I’ve never had that feeling & boy does it burn. This is actually still happening into my third trimester. I’ve noticed that there are not triggers, it just happens when it wants to. I thought maybe it was spicy food, eating to fast, drinking too much water, regardless of what I thought it was, I was wrong. Nothing has seemed to help & I cannot pin point a single trigger.

Have you purchased any significant maternity wear? YES! I’m obsessed with it too! Because it’s going to be perfect lounge wear for even after the baby is here. It’s a maternity essential set by Ingrid & Isabel it’s so comfy, lightweight & versatile. I’ve also purchased some Spanx maternity leggings, which I will be sad to not wear afterwards because I love them so much too!

Are you working out more now? Yes. I’ve finally had the motivation & energy to use the Peloton to bike, take yoga & stretching classes & I’ve been occasionally lifting weights in our gym. While also lifting my 2 yr old!

What changes in your body have you noticed most? Aside from the obvious weight gain…

  • My hair has grown 10x more than it did with Holland
  • The hormonal acne is less aggressive than it was with Holland (which seems to take the “Old Wives Tale” of girls steal your beauty)
  • Sleep is more uncomfortable & I’ve had weird, scary dreams
  • My belly is more round & pronounced as opposed to with Holland it was wider
  • Nausea is real
  • Heartburn is real

How does it feel to ride with a belly? LOL. It’s challenging. I can see myself stopping in the coming weeks because it pushes my knees outward which is not good. However, I LOVE having enough energy back to ride again.

How much weight have you gained? Although I find this a very personal question, because there are so many factors to one gaining weight during pregnancy: height, body structure, pre-weight, genes of their significant other all have a factor (along with many more). Here is what I will say:

  • Have I gained a healthy amount of weight? Yes.
  • Have I noticed a difference in my body regarding weight? Yes.
  • Am I proud of the weight I’ve gained? Yes.
  • Does gaining weight get to me? Yes.

With that being said, so far, I’ve gained close to 28 lbs. & I still have 12 weeks to go. I’m proud of my body, as any woman should be creating life. Everyone gains weight differently during pregnancy & that weight does not determine a damn thing about you as a mom, just remember that.


Designer Looks without the Designer Price Tag!!

~ All of these shoes are under $30 & great looks for Spring, Summer & transitioning into Fall! I’ve stated their Designer Look-Alike & the price for reference!

Golden Goose Inspired, I love the leopard! – $21
Gucci Inspired, the color of these loafers are so chic for fall – $20
Aquazzura Inspired, these chic flats for everyday style – $20
Chanel Inspired, these would be stunning with a black pant & simple tee for fall – $21
Chloe Inspired, the scalloped edges are perfect for a summer get-together – $24
Valentino Flat, simple & comfy – $20
Chanel Inspired, make “hiking” fashion – $29
Hermes Inspired, lock slip on loafer – $20
Golden Goose Inspired, a classic & simple look – $30
Chanel Inspired, chain sandal – $21
Chanel Inspired, linen slingback is a great transition from Summer to Fall – $16
Bottega Veneta Inspired, the “IT” shoe for Spring right now – $23
Cult Gaia Inspired, I have these in heel form & LOVE them but I LOVE the price more – $20
Valentino “Jelly” Sandal, great with shorts, skirts & dresses – $16

Hope y’all enjoyed these great finds!! XO ~ Kate