A Little About Me

After much deliberation, & without going into TOO much detail… I have decided to share just why I started

The Perfect Pairs with Kate blog


A lot happened in 2015, which I will spare those details but, in early 2016 I began to realize that people aren’t always what they seem to be.

They expect you to be someone you may or may not be. Some people say, “people don’t change.” Well, I don’t believe that. People do change, people change for the better, people change for the worse and some people change the way others view you.

After coming to terms with the fact that, well, I cannot please everyone. I cannot please those that think I should change. I cannot please those that think I shouldn’t change. But most of all, I cannot & will not change myself to please others who don’t like me for me. It took me 25 years to really love & appreciate myself, I don’t have time to convince anyone else otherwise.

Once I accepted who I was, who God intended me to be, & who I wanted to be as a person. Life fell into place for me.

After this little epiphany, in 2016, my husband, knowing my love for fashion, shoes & photography… asked me – “why don’t you start one of those blog things.” Honestly thought he was kidding because if you ever met him… you would wonder HOW he knew what a blog was.

But, he got me thinking. “Why shouldn’t I?” …. “It could be fun?” …. So, after many many conversations over (let’s be honest) many glasses of wine, I started to fall in love with the idea more & more. I would jot down different designs, blog names, take photos of different outfits & soon it became an obsession.

I had yet to start an actual website or Instagram account, & before I did, I decided to discuss it with my sister & brother-in-law to see if this was even a good idea. They immediately jumped on board & wanted to help out in any way. Having my husband, sister & brother-in-law on my side only made it that much easier to keep going.

Soon after, The Perfect Pairs with Kate was born, it took about a month of trying to come up with a name, finding someone to help me get started & actually conjuring up that first post.

I immediately fell in love. It was (& still is) my escape. My escape from the every day mess. My escape from my actual job. My escape from those little demons in my head {& those outside of it} always saying, “You’ll never make it.” — Which brings me to this: Several followers of mine have asked me, “Do you ever feel judged by people for being a blogger?” The answer is, yes. I know I’m judged, talked about, ridiculed, any other derogatory meaning you would like to add. But, that’s what keeps me going, that & the love I have for my blog & my followers.

So in 2017, after only a couple of months of blogging, I applied to be a part of the 30k+ Influncers of rewardStyle & was declined (rightfully so), but, it fueled my fire. I began to work harder. I knew where I wanted to be, what I wanted to accomplish, & I still fight for it every day. Being declined helped me gain respect for other bloggers & the courage to work on areas that needed improvement & I am forever grateful for that.

I later applied again & then on October 26, 2017 I was accepted. I cried so many tears of joy. I honestly didn’t think that it was real. Being a part of these 30k+ Influncers is amazing. Women supporting women. Something which seems to be so lost to some these days. I know I’m at the bottom of the totem pole in this group of outstanding entrepreneurial women, but it’s an absolute honor to even be a part of them.

In 2018, I collaborated with three different companies & became an Ambassador for one. I never imagined that would even be possible! It has been an honor to work with them & have them support me & my blog.

So, all in all… I did it for me.

If I could go back to 2015 & give myself a pep talk, I would say:

“If you’re passionate about something, big things will happen. Maybe not right away, but keep perusing, never give up, & never let others negativity overpower your passion.”


Never lose sight of your passion.  XO~Kate


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