Over the past several months I have been HORRIBLE at writing blog posts. Mainly because I would start one, not finish, go back & read it to only then realize, I hated it. Or, I would just post 15 stories on Instagram about what I would essentially say on here anyway. — I hate when some bloggers write a blog post, link it & then spend 30 minutes saying {the EXACT same thing} in their 30 Instagram stories. Drives me nuts. But to each their own. So, I will vow not to do that.

But I have to give myself a little bit of grace. One, this is not my mainstream job like it is for most. I have a full-time job outside of blogging, which is consuming in itself. Two, I don’t have an assistant, web designer or someone to double check my work, most of my friends do that for me after I mention I’ve posted one. Three, this is a hobby for me, something I love doing. So when I get to a point where I feel overwhelmed or stressed about posting, I have to remind myself…. this is for them – not for me. Meaning, the money doesn’t matter, sure a nice little paycheck every once-in-awhile is nice & it’s nice knowing someone liked what I suggested. But, that is not what I love about doing this. It’s finding items YOU love, posting outfits that inspire YOU, sharing tips, tricks & tidbits of knowledge that I have that in turn, helps YOU.

With that being said, 2020 I will vow to write at least 2 to 3 blog posts about topics you all care most about! Instead of focusing on the perfection of a blog post, I’m just going to focus on getting it out there.

Going through my past highlights, posts, polls & purchases, you all seems to love deals, discounts, baby/toddler, BeautyCounter, & my #OOTD posts! Which I don’t blame you, I love them too!

So, let’s do this! XO~ Kate

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