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Since I started wearing make-up, let’s see… I was around 13-14? It’s only taken me almost 15 years to start really looking at what ingredients are actually in the products I use. That’s a little gross, and disappointing.

I will not ever shame the brands that I once used, but I will praise the ones I do now for allowing me to know EXACTLY what ingredients are in them. Do you know what’s in yours?

It’s a little unsettling to see that, not only are most ingredients not included on the back of your products, but they’re also not included on the packaging. You actually have to do you own research. That automatically should be a red flag.

Before switching, there were things to consider. What did I want out of my skin care & make-up? What was I willing to spend? Was the line of products something I would use for just a short period of time, like the new craze? Or, would it be a product I would one day introduce to my daughter? What was the product doing for me? Does it really help? How many reviews does it have? — ALL things considered.

It’s a strenuous amount of time. But, I believe doing that sort of research, gets you to better beauty, a better you & a better lifestyle.

After a considerable amount of research, reviews, etc… I made the switch. Oddly not based on any of that. I mean, products are expensive, regardless of the brand. So, a big switch is difficult when you’re throwing out hundreds of dollars… or depending on the line, thousands.

What truly made up my mind about switching was, my daughter. I did a ton of research before registering for products for her before she was even born. I would always look at the ingredients. So it made me think… “If i spend all this time researching the best products, food, etc. for her, why in the world would I not do the same for me?”

I then realized I read ingredients of what I put into my body.. which justified why I don’t eat {most} sweets or drink sodas, etc… so, why wasn’t I reading what I was putting on my skin?

It took me about two weeks after reading what was in my current make-up/products (or the fact that some didn’t even tell you), to researching what half of those ingredients were {most of which I couldn’t pronounce}, to researching what the best beauty products were, to reading what BeautyCounter products ingredients were… & so on.

Finally, I found about four brands that I religiously stick with. I’m a curator when it comes to my products. Not a loyalist. Meaning, I mix and match my products that work best for my skin & lifestyle. I’ll certainly try others, but I now check the ingredients, do my research & definitely read reviews. SIDE NOTE: The only reviews I’ve ever left was on Etsy. So I’m not sure those really count. Other than that, I’ve never left a review. But my goodness! Those people that do… are AMAZING. I mean seriously, kudos to them because I read TONS of reviews now & oddly enough, trust them.

Back to being a Curator v. Loyalist: I like to mix & match, as long as the products aren’t counterproductive & they do justice to what your skin needs are. On the other side of the spectrum, I do believe that it’s best to stick with on product line due to the fact that they are specifically formulated to work together. However, sometimes… there are some products that seem to be specifically made just for you! Right?! — Reason being: there are certain skin types that may need a little extra of this or that to get their acne, rosacea, dryness, oiliness, etc. whatever it may be, under control. I think what I’m trying to say is: Do what is best for you, as long as, you’re doing your research, you’re not over exfoliating, drying out, or over-moisturizing your skin.. or using products that can counteract with one another.

So after alllll my research, reviews & reading – I have about four product lines that I use daily/weekly. My main products are in fact, BeautyCounter not because I sell their products, but because their {our} mission is #BETTERBEAUTY . What does that mean? Well, Beauty should be good for you, not a quick fix. Your skincare should be safe, healthy & natural. Not have Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, or words that you can’t pronounce. For example: BeautyCounter has “The Never List” – it’s a list of ingredients that you’ll NEVER find in their products. Ever. — Randomly choose 5 out of their list, then go look at your products… if you find one of those ingredients… you should toss it.

I’m not here to tell you what to use & not to use. JUST DO YOUR RESEARCH. But, if you’re not one for that & just want to know what other people use. Then keep reading! 😉

What I found that works best for me, which I’ve been using for almost over a year now is (but have used BC for about three):

Morning Routine:

Step 1:

Face Wash: I rotate between BeautyCounter’s Charcoal Cleansing Bar & the Rejuvenating Face Cleanser

Step 2:

Apply Serum: Yes… I apply both. Everyday. I LOVE IT.

I apply Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum first, wait about 5 minutes & then apply BeautyCounter’s Rejuvenating Radiance Serum & wait about another 5 minutes before applying the next step.

Step 3:

Apply Facial Oils: Depending on the day, I’ll use one facial oil… or maybe even all three!! Read the labels… their designed for certain areas/ skin types.

Each BeautyCounter oil is formulated for either dry, oily, sensitive or a combination of those. Perfect for transitioning during those dry spells or when you’re skin gets a little oily… or whatever it may be!

Step 4:

Apply Eye Cream: With ring fingers, a small pen head size for both eyes.

After I finish, then I apply my makeup!!

Nightly Routine:

Repeat Steps 1, 2 & 3 BUT, for my eyes, I’ll apply this Rejuvenating Eye Cream {insert, raise the roof hands here}:

However, about twice a week, at night… I’ll not use any of the above & use a resurfacing peel, followed by a moisturizer.

This Resurfacing Peel is SO awesome. If you haven’t found one that you like, give this one a try! It will not disappoint you. As for exfoliating, I have another skin regimen that I’ll have to post soon!

I’ve linked all the products or if you click this link -> BeautyCounter , it will take you directly to my website where you can purchase any of the BeautyCounter items to try out for yourself.

If you have a certain skin type & need additional help, send me a message! I am happy to help you find what is best for your skin & needs within BeautyCounter. (:

** FULL DISCLOSURE: I am by no means saying, do what I do, use what I use or that I’m a certified Dermatologist or whatever other label you’d like to place. I am a BeautyCounter Consultant, Blogger, Mama, Wife, Sister, Friend, GirlBoss… lol..

What I am saying is: DO YOUR RESEARCH!

~XO Kate

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