Bibbity Bobbidy Boo!

~Dreams Really Do Come True~

As you may know, Cinderella is by far in my top favorites of Disney movies.  My husband will be the first to tell you, “My wife would rather stay home in her pj’s & watch Disney movies than go out.” #TrueStory

This past weekend was simply magical (with a hint of panic).

The oldest of my nieces, Abigail, turned 5 today {Happy Birthday Sweet Angel!!} but our family celebrated on Saturday. Continue for the fun…


Going back a couple of weeks, Abigail wanted to have a Princess themed party, where all her friends could dress up as a princess.  As my Sister & I started thinking/planning, we thought, “what if we could get her to narrow it down to just one princess?” Well, as our wheels turned… I said, “I’ll show up as Cinderellas if we can get her to commit to the theme being just Cinderella!”

So, that night, I called Abigail & asked her, “Abba, if Cinderella was to show up to your party, would you want to have just a Cinderella themed party?” Hands down the easiest question for her to answer! In her cute little voice, ” UMM YES!” & BAM! Just like that… we had a theme!

A few days later, my Sister & I started pinning everything Cinderella – THANK YOU PINTEREST! – I mean, seriously, how did our parents throw such great parties without Pinterest?! I will never know, because I’ll be using Pinterest.

 I found the best Cinderella costume (that didn’t have to be handmade & shipped from Timbuktu) & had it arriving Friday, the day BEFORE the party. Genius right?



Let the fun begin…

Finally the weekend arrives, everyone is so excited!  Especially Abba. Because “Cinderella is coming to my party.” My husband & I drive down on Thursday evening so that we can spend a little more time with everyone (since weekends just fly by). Friday comes & goes… no dress. Saturday I check to see & the shipping label says “out for delivery” on Friday but arriving Saturday at 9am. It’s 10am.

Okay okay, not that big of a deal right? Party isn’t until 5pm… I SO have time. WRONG.

Noon arrives, hello panic mode.


THANK GOODNESS, my Sister knows someone that has a Cinderella costume! Whew, okay so we’re in the clear! We call the girl, she’s out of town. (OMG)….  BUT! her husband is home, he’ll be able to get us the dress. WRONG. He decided to go out of town too!! (OMG + a thousand other freak-out words!!!)

Hello panic mode x 10!!! I promised my niece Cinderella would come to her party…. there is no way I’m not delivering my promise!


We mention to the girl, “Soooo your husband isn’t home. We are pretty much S.O.L. right?!”  WRONG. She graciously figures out a way for us to get the dress.  However, when we arrive to get it… the door won’t unlock. // Mind you, EVERYONE is in panic mode here. Me, my Sister, her Husband, my Parents, my Husband, & the couple trying to get us into their house to get the alternate dress. // Here it is 4:15… & we feel defeated. The app to the door won’t connect to unlock… & that’s that. All I wanted to do was cry.. but couldn’t because I had just gotten a spray tan & tear marks just wouldn’t do! haha!


My husband & I get back into the car & start driving back to my Sisters.  As I sit there thinking, “Wow, you totally screwed this up.” I check my phone just one more time to see where the original dress is & OMG it says “Delivered.” I scream, call my Momma & say, “CHECK THE MAILBOX!! HURRY!! I THINK IT’S HERE!! RUNNN!!” Sure enough, it was. Hallelujah, praise Jesus! MY WISH (payers) came true!

Now all I have to do is get back, get ready & oh wait… see if the dress even fits.

Y’all, a stream of emotions happened all within 10 minutes. Stressed because we couldn’t get in the door, disappointment because I thought I had failed, overjoyed the package arrived, anxiety that the dress wouldn’t fit, panic because I had 30 minutes to get ready & all of THAT for nothing because it ALL WORKED OUT.

God works in mysterious ways, but you have to have faith in THE plan.


The party starts, all of the little girls are in their princess dresses running around, screaming, laughing, having so much fun – Abigail has already opened her big gift… but she has one more coming! EEK!!

My Sister has all the girls come into the foyer to take a picture (I’m standing upstairs around the corner).

As they sit there smiling, giggling & saying, “Princess!!!” as their pictures are being taken by their moms, dads, etc. My sister says, “Say Cinderella!!!” Which was my cue to start walking. As I’m trying to be discreet while creeping down the stairs.. the ONLY girl to turn around while I’m about half way to them is, only of course, Abigail. Mid-“Cinderella” scream, her little face just drops. She looks at her mom, my mom, then back at me, with an expression of, “OMG, is that her?!” {I try SO hard not to burst into tears because she is SO happy!!}

About that time, all the other little girls turn around & freak out! They couldn’t get up the stairs fast enough to meet “Cinderella.”

Y’all, I have never been so moved by the questions, facial expression & genuine hugs of love! All the little girls were so happy, especially Abigail.  It made all of the drama of “where is the costume” beyond worth it!


As Abba started to make her way up the stairs to me, her expression changed from “OMG, is that her?!” to “OMG, is that my Aunt?! Is MY aunt Cinderella?!” — It was awesome! She was so confused, & yet happy all at the same time.


After taking photos with each little girl, talking to Abba in a “Cinderella voice” which I’m not even sure I accomplished that well. I decided it was time for “Cinderella” to leave & Aunt Sister Kate to show up.

As the girls ran outside to play, I also ran. Ran to the bathroom, changed my make-up, hair & of course, my outfit to then run back to the party as myself.


Abigail is still unsure if the REAL Cinderella showed up, if her Aunt IS Cinderella, or if her Aunt just played dress-up. Regardless, she’ll never know until she reads this post. haha!

This was such a treat for me to share with y’all! I mean who knows, maybe this should be my new side job? Cinderella for birthday parties?! haha — JK!!! But, all of this themed birthday planning has made me start to think about editing my own Pinterest boards. I’ve neglected them for awhile but have decided to pick them back up! Who knows, maybe party planning is my thing? hmm…


Y’all, my family is everything to me. There are days where we look like a 3-Ring Circus… & there are other (rare) days where we look like The Perfect Family. However, every day with them is my kind of perfect.

~XO, Kate


  1. Mom
    May 2, 2017 / 12:23 am

    Dreams really do come true. You have become beautiful on the inside and out. Love you Sister.

  2. May 6, 2017 / 10:46 pm

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    • May 15, 2017 / 7:20 pm

      Thank you so much! Happy you enjoy it! ~XO, K

  3. May 7, 2017 / 8:42 am

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    • May 15, 2017 / 7:21 pm

      Hi, so I use WordPress. I love it! However, I did have help creating it. I think either way is great, especially depending on how creative you are! Good luck!! ~XO, K

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