Y’all, this week it has officially hit me that in a month (hopefully), our baby girl will be here! Emotions are running high & the thought of her being here before we know it has finally taken its toll. View Post

We have all been waiting SO long to find out what our sweet little nugget is & when that moment finally came… everything in the world seemed to be, well, just perfect.  View Post

Lately I have found it increasingly harder to be motivated for just about anything.

Cooking seems like a chore, laundry (which is a chore) is now just a bore, getting up in the morning is a struggle all in itself… but picking out an outfit for anything is the biggest frustration of all and just becomes more frustrating as I look at all the clothes I can’t wear for a seemingly long time.

Someone once told me (actually, a couple of people have told me) that “once you’re in your second trimester,  all of your energy just pops back!” Well, I call BS. Pure, BS.

Whatever woman got all of her energy back… lied to someone. Yes, I feel great most days. But not because I got all of my energy back… it’s just I feel better than I do on my worst days. Which are the days where I feel like I could sleep for a million years and it still wouldn’t be enough.

My husband will back me up on this. There are days where I will get out of bed at a decent hour, get ready and go about my day. However, come 6pm.. I’m ready for the 3 b’s. Bath, book and bed.  Let’s be honest…usually, I’ll skip the book and fall straight to sleep. Then there are the wonderful days that I will get up between 11 and noon and not do a single thing (seriously, not a thing) all day but lay there on the couch because moving is not an option. Then of course, there are the days where I actually feel like myself, but that lasts a whole day and then it’s back to exhaustion.

I get it, I’m creating a human. All of my energy is being exerted into doing that and I’m a 100% okay with it. I just wish others would understand that when I say, “I’m tired” or “I’m tired.” I actually mean it.

Making a human is pretty damn awesome if you ask me. The things a woman’s body can do is so powerful.

Let’s get one thing straight though… I’m not complaining about being exhausted. I’m just curious as to what woman told another woman that all her energy came back in the second trimester to where now women today believe it. I was one of those women…. until week 14..15..16..17.. all passed and I pretty much realized it wasn’t going to happen to this woman. Me.

So… here’s where my motivation….  shmotivation comes in.

Being motivated is what started this blog for me. I was motivated that I could impact many or if not, just one life by my opinions, outfits, travel, etc. I was motivated to be that escape goat for those that just needed a breath of fresh air. I was motivated to let this be my voice outside of my own head. So lately, not only have I been exhausted but I’ve felt guilty. Guilty that I haven’t been motivated enough to post more, inspire more, learn more, and even love more. Guilty that I haven’t allowed myself the time to just write. Writing gives me the chance to breathe, think about something else other than the exhaustion and the fact that I’m not motivated and there must be something wrong with me!

I’ve been so focused on not trying to fall asleep during a conversation with the people that surround me that I’ve fallen asleep on you all that read/subscribe to my posts.

So, to get myself out of my shmotivational slump… I have made a calendar list of all the things that I want to accomplish for not only myself but for you all. So, back to motivation for this mommy-to-be. Regardless of how tired I think I am, I will make the bigger effort to post the things that I love and love doing.


~XO, Kate

Also, all suggestions welcome on how to be more motivated during pregnancy!!


Y’all, this pregnancy thing is NO JOKE! I have heard not only from my mom, sister, close friends & all the books I’m currently reading, that during the first trimester you are, “significantly more tired than before.” That is a COMPLETE understatement! My goodness, I could fall asleep just sitting here typing this. I LOVED sleep before, but now…. I LOVVVEEEEE sleep! Like really.  Oh & naps, I haven’t taken naps since college… until now.

Watching movies, shows, reading.. it’s very questionable on if I’ll make it though the first 10 minutes. It’s kind of a game now for my husband to see how long I can last. haha..

If this is anything you are experiencing I have found a few little remedies that have helped me make it through the day, without falling asleep at my desk, talking to someone or while sitting at a red light on my way home. I almost feel like I have narcolepsy. I know that is a serious condition, but in all seriousness… bystanders may think that is what you have, until you have a bump.

  • Take a walk. — I take just a quick little walk downstairs to get a water, smoothie, or just fresh air. This boosts my energy level & helps me to last a least another two hours before I start on the downhill again.
  • Eat a snack. — During your first trimester, you really don’t need to be eating extra calories, so what I’ve been doing is snacking throughout the day. Mixed nuts, a cup of popcorn, protein bar/shake, apple sauce or fruit.
  • Exercise. — Yep, that’s right. When at work, I will close my door, drop down & do push-up’s, planks or body squats. Once again, it’s that little boost of energy to help me out. (Fingers crossed no one walks in!)
  • Drink Water. — I love bottled water, I don’t know why but I just do. I order a 24 pack of Smartwater for the month & refill the bottle throughout the day. I have always been a water drinker, I don’t like soda, tea or energy drinks. So drinking water & now more than usual, has been pretty easy for me. However, giving up wine was a very sad day. (I’ll explain more about this in an upcoming blog!)
  • Music. — I’ve had to find a couple of songs that grab my attention & make me want to S.I.N.G!  Otherwise,  I would not be able to make it home from work or even the grocery store. So I’ve compiled my top songs that will at least get me from one place to another!
    • Top Songs:
      • Rihanna – Dancing In The Dark ; super fun & great workout song!
      • Whitney Houston – I Wanna Dance With Somebody.
      • Noah Cyrus – Stay Together.
      • Kygo – First Time.
      • Allie X – That’s So Us.
      • Ellie Goulding – Still Falling For You.
      • BORNS – Electric Love.


Enjoy!  XO, Kate



Y’all, Paul, Hanz & I are SO VERY EXCITED to announce that we are expecting Baby H at the end of January 2018!!

This year has been an absolute blast of blessings! After purchasing our first home, and then figuring out the demo & rebuilding process.. we thought our plate for the year was full. However, God laughed & said… not quite!

We are beyond thrilled & cannot wait to share this process with each & every one of you!

If it is any consolation, this is why I have been so short on blog posting. Because, SO MUCH has happened in the past few weeks that my head is just spinning & I don’t even know where to start! However, now that the baby beans are FINALLY spilled… I can focus on the content you guys love & more! I will start a baby blog post (it will be very minimal unless, you all want to hear more) within the following weeks to come & share a few tips & tricks I’ve learned from my Sister (who at one point had 4 under 4… yes you read that right), my amazing mother, of course & my sweet friends that are either expecting as well, trying or have had their first baby too!

I look forward to this new journey & I hope you all do too!

~XO, Kate