There is nothing better when it comes to seasons than Fall. The beautiful leaves changing, the crisp air, pumpkins on everyone’s door step, scarves, & oh so much more!  View Post

From small town to big city, one major perk is that there are unlimited restaurants for breakfast, date night, brunch, coffee, yogurt, you name it – it’s here! About two years ago, Paul & I decided to make it a point as our “New Year Resolution” to try new restaurants a couple times a month for our Date Night. Not only has this expanded our “go-to” places, it has allowed for us to try new food, wine & explore the surrounding areas of Dallas. It’s a fun concept for us, because it not only allows us to venture out on things we would not normally try but it stops the whole “what do you want for dinner,” “I don’t care, what do you want” nonsense…  View Post


BYE 2016!! ~ My family & I spent our last days of 2016 & our first few of 2017 in Truckee, California. We skied, shopped, had amazing dinners & of course, played in the snow!


As time goes on you will quickly learn that my family, is literally my rock. They are the most supportive, tell you like it is, loving, generous people & I am beyond blessed that they are mine.

On New Year’s we toasted while roasting… to family, love, health & happiness.


Our views from our back window were unbelievable!!  The night that Paul & I arrived, there was maybe 2 inches of snow.

The next day, we woke up to this… & then the next we woke up to 12″ + of snow!!  It was absolutely breathtaking. We had so much fun making snow angels with the kiddies, taking a sleigh ride around the lake while drinking hot coco, having snow ball fights & just spending time with each other.


At midnight, we froze as we “oohed and aahed” while watching the best firework show I personally have ever seen. Happy New Year, Y’all! ~XO, Kate
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