First Trimester Q&A

Currently I’m in the Second Trimester but during my First you all have had questions regarding how I’m feeling, how Holland is taking the news, etc. So I decided to put together your most frequently asked questions all in one spot! XO ~ Kate

Does Holland understand that you’re having a baby? Yes! She understands that there is a baby in mommy’s tummy – but I’m not exactly sure she realizes it’s a REAL baby, as opposed to her American Girl bitty baby that she LOVES but occasionally throws across the room 😐 However, we make it a priority to explain to her to be gentle & sweet to baby but also show her photos of the sonograms so that she can try to comprehend what we mean. Like when we’re around our friends who have babies, we explain that’s what’s in my tummy. Although, I don’t think it will click until he is actually here.

What was your first reaction to being pregnant? Honestly, “HOLY SHIT!” I also cried, a lot!

Did you have any signs that you were expecting? Yes! I was overly emotional when it came to my friends saying nice things or being their sweet selves to Holland. Also, if being completely honest, when I would have two or three glasses of wine – I wouldn’t “feel” anything.

Have you registered? If so, where? We have! The Tot & Babylist – if you’re interested in knowing what I’ve registered for, go here for The Tot registry & here for Babylist registry.

Have y’all picked out a name yet? We have! 🙂

Were you nervous it was twins? HAHA! YES. But after having two sonograms within two weeks, we were 100% sure it wasn’t twins.

How many kids do you want? I was never really ever sure of how many I wanted. I do know that now knowing this could possibly be my last pregnancy, I’ve been a little more kind to myself & emotional with the belly, kicking, etc. phases.

What are you craving? Burgers! Burgers! Burgers! & Steak! haha

What makes you nauseous/ Have you been nauseous? Oh gosh, this is a fun one. Yes, I have been nauseous. The one thing that made me overly nauseous & still does a little bit is Holland’s dirty diapers. I had to resort to begging Paul to change them or if he wasn’t around – sticking Kleenex up my nose before I did. Fish, poultry, beets, avocado, salad – basically anything healthy that I LOVED was currently the things making me gag.

Have you purchased any maternity clothes? If so, where? So far, I have not.

Have you changed your skincare routine? No, all BeautyCounter products & BeautyBio products that I use are safe for during pre/during/postnatal.

Have you changed your workout routine? This is good. SO, being extremely nauseous until about 18 weeks I had not worked out. I would walk around the block with the family or stretch but working out was not an option.

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