Five Fall Favorites

There is nothing better when it comes to seasons than Fall. The beautiful leaves changing, the crisp air, pumpkins on everyone’s door step, scarves, & oh so much more! 

For October I decided to pulled together & share my FIVE FALL FAVORITES for you all! These are activities that I genuinely love doing each year in Dallas since I’ve lived here. Either with friends, just my husband or with family.

  1. Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Gardens – A unique experience with over 90,000 pumpkins, & this year creating “The Adventures in Neverland.” If this doesn’t already strike your fancy, check out their website or images online, it’s amazing what they create each year with pumpkins! – You can buy admission tickets at the door or online.
  2. State Fair of Texas – Each year my family comes in & we all go together & get a Fletcher’s Corn Dog, & try at least of the Big Tex Food Winners. This year, we are interested in trying the “Most Creative” winner, the Cotton Candy Taco! – You can buy admission tickets at the door or online.
  3. Dallas Farmers Market – Fall brings in all sorts of fresh produce! We love going to taste-test & just walk around the little shops. – There is not an admission fee, unless you decide to take a pottery class, etc.
  4. White Rock Lake – Bike, Run, Jog, Walk, Stroll, Skip, Row… the possibilities for outdoor activities/fitness are endless! Once the air is crisp, WRL is perfect for getting outdoors & not having a heatstroke!
  5. Outdoor Restaurants – I don’t know about you, but during the Spring & Summer, eating outside with the bugs just isn’t fun for me. I would much rather sit outside bundled up with leaves falling, ashes floating around me from a warm fire or snow falling than to have an irritating mosquito or fly lingering around my legs & food. So, here are my top favorite restaurants to sit outside during the Fall.
    1. HG Supply Co.
    2. Truck Yard
    3. High Fives
    4. Wheelhouse
    5. Savor
    6. Dot’s Hop House
    7. Restaurants in Trinity Groves

Each of these restaurants have great bits, beers, & seating outdoors to enjoy any day of the week!

Enjoy!! ~XO, Kate

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