Fountain of Youth

A consistent positive & optimistic attitude is the cheapest fountain of youth. ~Unknown


As I get older, I’ve started to realize that pretty much everything my Momma has told me is true. Mommas don’t lie… especially not mine. She’s the most blunt, straight-forward, no sugar on top, tell it like it is lady. There are times when my sister & I will give each other “the look” like “Ummm… did she really just say that out loud?!” “YEP!! YEPP SHE DID!!” haha — but you know what, I respect her for it because I’ve grown to be just like her. #IGetItFromMyMomma

I usually don’t have much to say, which is odd considering I’m sitting here about to give you guys a mouth full.

But, when I do – I’ll say it.


Most people will consider silence, ignorance. Well, in some instances – sure. If you bring up (what I like to call) “the four topics you don’t talk about” in a conversation, I’ll probably check-out. Those four being:  politics, sex, religion, & that one other thing you just don’t mention. // I check-out mainly because, well, politics just aren’t my thing. Sex, well that’s personal & none ya business. haha – Religion, I know mine, I don’t know enough about yours to make an informed comment. The other thing, well, I don’t even know what it is, but it’s one of those topics you just don’t bring up.

In other instances, my silence is because I have learned my lesson on what to open my mouth about & what not to. I’m sure, actually I hope, if you’re reading this you’ve had one of those, “why did I say that? #WordVomit moments.


I grew up in a small town, 7,941k people to be exact. I grew up as a baby (literally) having four beyond measurable best friends. From grade school to college, I was blessed to gain 8 more. Of course, you have tons of friends growing up but these 12 have stayed in my life for over 15 years & some 28 despite the up’s & down’s – that means something. //Side note: Girls, you know who you are &  I love y’all x a million.

These 12 girls and I have been through EVERYTHING together. Boy cooties,  mean girls, mean boys, break-ups, try-outs, proms, birthday parties, graduations, hospital trips, college, engagements, babies, weddings, moves & more. Even though the hard times that we’ve given each other – it’s crazy to think that through all of that, we still, without hesitation, have each others backs & love each other unconditionally. That means something more.

With these 12 girls,  I can be as blunt, straight-forward, no sugar on top, honest with them. I’m sure all of them have had their moment of, “Really Kate?!” But, we all know, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Maybe you’re thinking, “why be so harsh?” Well, it’s because all of us need someone to say what everyone else is thinking. They do it too, because we all know it’s coming from a good place, the heart.


Going back to my Momma, unlike her ability to say what she thinks, I’ve had to take a step back when it comes to doing so.

Moving from a town of 8k to a city of 1.2mm is not so easy. Especially when the only person you know & trust is your boyfriend at the time.

Not everyone is like my friends back home or my family for that matter. You can’t confide in people when you don’t have their trust. You can’t be openly, yet brutally honest with people if they don’t know it’s coming from the heart.

It’s hard to really open & yet push boundaries with people when the topics now (at 28) don’t start with, “What’s your favorite color? Pink?! Mine too!” or “I like your dress, wanna be best friends?!” — Friendships at a young age are so innocent & are founded on the simpler things. Friendships now are, well, not. It’s kind like..  damned if you do, damned if you don’t & damned if you say the wrong thing. Am I the only one who thinks this? (Fingers crossed I’m not!!)


With that being said… I do believe a consistent positive & optimistic attitude is the cheapest fountain of youth. // How so?

Lately, I’ve been reading a book & it has gradually taught me to see the value in the words that we use, the conversations we have, & the people we have them with. Unfortunately, some of my blunt, straight-forward, no sugar on top, honesty has hurt others. That to you, I am forever sorry for. I’m not perfect, nor have I ever in my life claimed to be. I’m flawed. Beautifully flawed by our Maker. He made me the way he wanted, I can’t change that. However, I can change the way I address things. To actually take a step back & realize what I’m about to say, to someone that means something to me.

Going forward, I have chosen consistent positivity, an optimistic attitude, & a well-constructed tongue. This will be my fountain of youth.

I can’t change my past. I will change my future. I will change my heart & speech.

~XO, Kate


  1. Alyssa Snyder
    April 27, 2017 / 2:45 pm

    Love this and YOU sister!

  2. Mom
    May 2, 2017 / 12:20 am

    Tears. Tears. Tears and more tears. Love you baby girl. 😘

  3. Aunt Becky
    June 8, 2017 / 5:50 pm

    Beautiful words from a beautiful person.even though we have lost our closeness through the years I still Love and think about you all the time. So proud iof who you have become and where you are now Love You!

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