Holland’s Nurses Gifts

To Gift or Not To Gift? 

I have received a lot of “advice” from Moms, Soon-to-be Moms, family & others who just love to share their opinion on whether or not to give your nurses a gift. I understand that this is a “new thing,” and that our parents didn’t do this, their parents certainly didn’t do this… and everyone made it out just fine. But as times change, appreciation for others should too.

Here are my three reasons on why I think its a good idea to give your nurses a little something to just say,

“Thank you for taking care of us.”

  1. I have friends that are nurses or doctors, the hours they work & the things they do to keep not only you but a newborn safe, are beyond measure.
  2. These men & women deserve to know that, after you’ve possibly cried, snipped & yelled at them for however long, you still VERY MUCH appreciate them. I’ve never been in labor, but I would assume that it’s not all giggles & smiles.
  3. I know that regardless of a gift, they will do their job & get paid…. but it doesn’t hurt to fill their bellies with sweets before you & your newborn try to figure out how to make it through the first night together – with THEIR help.


I ordered these adorable Unicorn customized favor bags off of Esty from FINCHandFOX, they come in sets of 10 so I ordered 2 (totaling 20)  – just to be safe since we don’t know how many nurses we’ll have – & filled them with Valentine’s candy & everything pink (since Holland’s due date is so close to February & well… pink is a must)! I included the tea, because it’s one of my favorites after a long day. All of the candy, Tazo tea & mini Post-It notes I picked up from Target, but I’ve linked options below. Finally, the little heart pencils I ordered off Etsy as well, from InklingsPaperie & included the notepad just for fun! — I love notepads, I normally & unfortunately pick up two or three in the dollar section every time I go to Target. I love having a different pad for monthly occasions (NY, Valentines, Mardi Gras, St. Patty’s Day…. you get the idea… haha!).

Cost Wise: I spent around $120 for everything, that’s about $6 a nurse & all the left over candy will be brought to the hospital (unless my husband gets to it first).

Hope this is helpful if you’ve been on the fence about nurses gifts. It doesn’t have to be something extravagant & break the bank, just something thoughtful & sweet! – pun intended!! (:

Enjoy! ~XO, Kate



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