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I love decorating my home for pretty much every occasion. It makes everything a little brighter & it looks like someone actually lives there! // Valentine’s is one of my favorites, mainly because of ALL the pink! I would have a pink couch if I could! However, heavily sedating your husband to do so, is apparently frowned upon. (Wink! Wink!) — If you are not one that can decorate for every occasion, I have just the thing for you! If you are, I have you covered too! ~XO, Kate



For those of you that just “don’t have time,” or “can’t find anything,” or maybe even “don’t care too,” – you will now! This brand is for you! Really!

The website is Coton Colors by Laura Johnson — but her brand of Happy Everything! is pure happiness! — You pick one base (or more if you’d like) & select the appropriate attachment (big or small) for the occasion & BAM! you’re finished with decorating! It is one of my absolutely favorites. I have been collecting different attachments for over 5 years now. Yet, every year they come out with a piece that I just “have to have!” Below is the newest of my collection, the “Valentine Big Attachment.” I have it attached to my Big “Happy Everything” Platter at the center of my kitchen. The fun part about this attachment is that the top is open. You can put, letters, flowers, candy, everyday mail, etc. in it. Right now, mine has faux flowers but I’ll switch those out soon to put cards that my husband & I will exchange.

Another perk that Laura Johnson is doing is called the Happy Everything! Vases & Valentine’s. You pick the vase, they’ll chose the flowers (farm fresh), it also includes a personalized gift card & a mini Happy Everything! Valentine attachment! $125.00 


Let’s cuddle! // One of my decor obsessions is pillow covers. I have around 10 or so pillows in my home, but about 30 pillow covers. I switch out the cover depending on the season, holiday, etc. That way, I’m not storing 1,000 pillows! Covers are easy to fold & store away in storage containers —  you can find tons of cute ones on Etsy, Pottery Barn, Home Goods, & Target. This one here is from none other than Etsy by  PCBHome & they have TONS of pillows/covers to choose from or you can customize your own. Enjoy!

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