Maybe Baby

On May 20, 2017 our lives forever changed… for the better.


After a whirlwind of a week & then closing on our home that Friday, I hadn’t even had the chance to noticed that well… that “special time of the month” hadn’t arrived. I wasn’t freaking out yet, because my cycle (tmi? probably) isn’t like clockwork. A day or three late, really means nothing to me. However, Friday night, Paul & I decided to go to dinner & celebrate our huge milestone of becoming homeowners!

Before getting ready, I decided to take a quick bath, & after getting out I noticed my entire face was SO red. It was as if I were having an allergic reaction to my soap. It was the weirdest thing because it was only on my face. So, I texted my sister & sent a photo & asked if that had ever happened to her. She immediately responded & said, “You’re pregnant. Go take a test.” “My face did the same thing when I was.” #CalmDownMotherBear

I was not in the least convinced. It could have just been too hot of a bath. But, then again… my cheeks have kinda been red all day? Weird.

Then, she dropped the bomb question, “Have you started?” // Ummm…. no, but let me check my calendar app & see how many days late I am. Only four.

Still not convinced.

Then, she dropped another bomb question, “When you’ve had anything to drink, do you feel drunk when you  should?” // Okay, what kinda question is that!? So, I thought about it… seriously. Ummm… IDK. I’ll test it out tonight & see!? Probably not my brightest idea.

Our date was perfect, the food was perfect & of course, the wine was perfect. However, I don’t know if I didn’t feel tipsy because I was thinking about what my sister had said… or if maybe I just really wasn’t tipsy.

Regardless, Saturday came & we spent the day at the Bryon Nelson & that night we have a graduation event to attend. Knowing that we would be most likely be drinking…again, I quickly decided to run to the store, grab a test & take it before we left. Better to know now than later? Right?!


It didn’t even take the full 5 minutes, it took all of 5 seconds for that second pink line to show up. #OMG!!

Happy tears immediately streamed down my face, I couldn’t get out of the bathroom fast enough to tell Paul. But, then I thought, “Wait, shouldn’t I do something special to tell him?!” So, I ran back into the bathroom, hid the stick & tried to act normal for about an hour. Everything I came up with, was too hard or I needed to go get something. Finally, with a plan, I just wrote on a piece of paper, “I can’t keep secrets from you….” & put the stick on top. I decided to put it inside of his bathroom drawer (touching nothing). As we were just about to leave, I said, “Oh, I haven’t brushed my teeth, will you get the toothpaste out & set it up for me?”

He opened the drawer, & said, “Aww what is this?!” (thinking it was just a sweet note). Until the stick followed…

He looked at me, looked back at the note, grabbed me in his arms & said, “Is this real?!”

All I could say between the crying was, “Yes, shit just got real babe!” hahaha!

We laughed, cried, hugged & kissed & laughed some more & then had to come up with a game plan so that NO ONE would be suspicious at the party.

The party came & went. No one knew, but I’m sure were all annoyed that I wanted to leave early because, “I was tired.” Which, in fact, I really was. But I was also hiding the biggest secret I’ve ever had to hide.


Sunday morning came & as I laid in bed, all I could think about was ALL OF THE SIGNS…. OMG how did I seriously not know?!

For the past few weeks, here are a few that really stick out to Paul & I:

  • The spicier, the better. On our dinner date that Friday, I was eating jalapenos & serrano peppers whole with my burger, & asking for seconds. The waiter thought I was crazy… Paul just thinks I’m a Dragon Lady.
  • I simply cannot get comfortable sleeping. Like AT ALL.
  • I’m tired all day, everyday. I actually fell asleep at work one day… I’ve NEVER done that.
  • I’ve been sneezing more. I’m normally a 1-2 sneeze kinda person… now I’m pushing 5-7. Quite annoying.
  • This one is quite embarrassing, my toots were no longer a mystery to my husband. He knew when & where I was when they happened. I just thought my stomach hurt more lately & my mom would say it’s because I need to eat gluten free. NOPE…. that was not it, at all.


As I am typing this, we have not told a soul. We had our first Dr.’s appointment on Monday the 22nd, which pretty much confirmed we are indeed pregnant!! We plan to tell our families after our next appointment, which is when we’ll get an ultrasound photo & get to listen to our babies heartbeat.  Y’all, my heart could explode right now typing this, I am BEYOND excited for this new adventure. Our life will be one heck of a ride this year, tearing down a home, building one & planning for a baby…. but God has a plan & we are SO looking forward to what He has in store.

~XO, Kate

**(This post was written prior to telling our families & friends, it is a delayed post due to the surprise!)**

Kate: Dress: Self-Portrait, Heels: Christian Louboutin

Paul: Dress Shirt: Brooks Brothers, Jeans: 7FAM (Similar), Boots: Lucchese (Similar)

Guy’s, I’m going to be a big puppy brother! ~Hanz

Mom & Dad said, these weren’t for me.


  1. Aunt Becky
    July 12, 2017 / 5:58 pm

    Did you realize that May 20 was your namesakes birthday? Oh wow again congratulations to you and Paul…after reading all of your blogs, yall are going to be GREAT parents

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