My Hospital Bag

From everything I packed, used & what I absolutely did not need…

Of course when preparing for the hospital, my motto was, “pack it, or you’ll need it.”

I will be completely honest, I packed & repacked my hospital bag at least 5 times. I started out with A LOT more, then reasoned with myself on what I ABSOLUTELY needed. Yet still, there were items that I ABSOLUTELY did not need & items that I’m SO glad I even thought to pack. So, before I left for the hospital I made sure to take a photo of everything I packed. That way, I could eventually come back to tell you all what was worth bringing & what could have stayed home.



So, I’ll start by going left to right. I’ll link everything for you (just in case you think you’ll  need it too) but I’ll also tell you if I used it or not & why.

  • Pink (Summer Lemonade) Organizer Bag: Samantha Grace Design – these organizer bags are all I travel with because some are TSA approved. They come in all shapes & sizes & you can get them personalized! I kept this next to me at the hospital because it’s what I used the most of.
    • Inside this bag I brought my Beauty Counter products & one La Mer product:
      • Beauty Counter No. 2 Plumping Facial Mist – I used A LOT, it’s so dry in Hospitals that you lose moisture to your face.
      • Beauty Counter No. 3 Balancing Facial Oil – I use this everyday and just about every other night. So, I could not go without it.
      • Beauty Counter Rejuvenating Face Cleanser – I again, use this everyday.
      • Beauty Counter  Hand Cream in Citrus Mimosa – The smell of this is HEAVENLY! I keep it in my desk drawer at work now, because the texture is so light & “frothy”. It was perfect for my hands during & after labor/delivery because they were SO dry.
      • La Mer Moisturizing Cream: When I purchased my larger jar, I received this .5oz for free. Which was nice, considering it was perfect to pack in my bag. This moisturizer, I again use daily with my Beauty Counter No. 3. I purchased this on a whim after I heard Kate Hudson uses it. I mean the woman is gorgeous & has flawless skin. #SOLD

** Side note: I LOVE Beauty Counter products, my sister got me hooked on them about two years ago & they have not failed me once. They have helped diminish my baby acne, improved my skin texture & composition.  They “believe in cleaner, better beauty” by telling you exactly what is in each of their products (on their Ingredients page). This is so refreshing compared to most companies. You can read more about their mission here: BeautyCounter

  • Clear Mini Makeup Case w/ Gold Stamp Personalization: Jon Hart – This mini bag I use for all of those little items you’re not sure where to put.
    • It was perfect for my hair ties, clips, glasses, extra contacts, etc.
      • No Crease Hair Ties – I absolutely used these. Granted I did not even think to pull my hair up during labor… but, I used these for when I was feeding Holland or when showering.
      • Clip – I lost that… soooo yeah.
      • Beauty Counter Lip Conditioner in Peppermint – I hate peppermint flavor anything. But, this lip conditioner was exactly what I needed for afterwards. My lips were never dry or cracked because of it.
      • La Mer Lifting Eye Serum/ Revitalizing Hydrating Serum – In theory, I thought… “Oh yeah.. I’ll have time the night before & want to do a little mini facial.” HA – no. Just no. My emotions were so high, that I just needed to sleep.
      • Eucerin Dry Skin Intensive Hand Cream – I stuck with my Beauty Counter hand creme. But, had I not had the BC, this would have came in handy! I’ve linked this product, but you can get it at Target.
      • To Go Spa Eyes (Coconut) – Hilarious that I even packed these. I use them a lot but this was not the time.
      • Nu Face Prep-N-Glow Cloths – again…. hilarious. I uses these with my Nu Face all the time but again, not the time.
      • YSL Dazzling Lights Limited Edition – I use this lipstick a lot. In fact, if I’m not wearing a YSL color, it’s a nude color from Bobbi Brown. I wore this the day I was induced & the day after when everyone came to visit. But, if you’re not a lipstick person… then I wouldn’t pack any. I’ve attached a link that contains quite a few colors, most sites only care one or two.
      • Fendi Glasses – My nighttime glasses are about 7 years old…. I love them & cannot bare to get new ones. However, if you wear contacts during the day & glasses at night… PACK THEM! You’re eyes will love you for it.
  • Alright! So, let move up the photo to my larger items:
    • These are the items I absolutely used!!:
      • Slipper Crew Floor Non-Skid Socks – These socks were a MUST. If you do get an epidural, your legs are numb for about 4-5 hours after. These socks helped me grip the floor when moving from the bed to wheelchair, bed to bathroom & vice versa. They also helped once I got back home.. I never worried about slipping on the hardwood or tile. To be honest, I still wear them sometimes because they are comfy. I ordered two pair, and could have ordered more!
      • Yeti Rambler 30 (Seafoam) – Think you wont need a cup? Think again!! Once I could drink (not sip) water… I was CHUGGING it. If I wasn’t using this one, I was using the one the Hospital provided. But one was always on rotation!
      • Light Pink Cosabella Maternity PJ’s (3 Piece) – This PJ set was beyond perfect for the day after delivery. The robe was lightweight but enough to keep me warm & hidden during feedings. The top has snap closures, perfect for breastfeeding & the pants are drawstring, which are perfect for comfort. I purchased two of these & rotated them out once I got home.
      • Labor Delivery Nursing Robe (Floral) – I wore this during labor. It was comfortable, it hid me enough (when I cared). It’s only $40 so if it were to get messed up I could just throw it away! I’m so glad I purchased this!
      • Earth Theraputic Cooling Gel Sleep Mask – This I use now but it was at the bottom of my bag after coming home. I brought it thinking I would use it the night after all the pushing, in case I had dark eyes or even a popped blood vessel (apparently can happen!).
  • Electronics:
    • These were a must:
      • Bose Soundlink Speaker – THIS IS A MUST!! Okay y’all, we play music all of the time in our home. So, when we found out we were pregnant, we got the BellyBuds (which I will link because they’re worth it!). I would play music to Holland through the BellyBuds & so, when she came out, we thought we would keep the rhythm going (pun intended haha )!!
      • Black Diamond Moji Lantern – This was BRILLIANT!! This little lantern was SO helpful during the night. We could leave it on & adjust the setting to low light, to see Holland or each other. It comes in tons of colors too & the light will change colors depending on the setting!
      • Phone Charger – OBVIOUSLY A MUST. You will want your phone, your partners phone, your nurses phone, everyone’s phone to be fully charged the moment that little nugget arrives!
  • Monogrammed Blue Organizer Bag: Samantha Grace – This is one of her bigger bags!
    • I love these for hair products, lotions, sunscreens, etc. If anything leaks, you can just rinse it out! In this bag, I kept all the extras! I’m not going to link everything, because all of these items you can find at Target!
      • Plastic Teeth Hairband – Used when I was in the shower!
      • Kleenex – Should have packed more for all the crying!
      • Wet Brush – Let’s not state the obvious.
      • Toothbrush holder (purple) – I was NOT about to set my toothbrush on any counter.
      • Dove Deodorant – For before, during & after. Don’t forget that!
      • Dial Soap – It’s antibacterial. That’s why.
      • Q-tips – I NEVER go a day without cleaning my ears. If I were on a game show in the wild, sadly this would be my weapon.
      • Crest Mini Toothpaste – Fresh breath for all those visitors!
      • Mini Bobbi Brown Jar… that is FULL of Tums Smoothies!! Which I ate after eating my first meal.
      • Halls – For when your throat gets dry!
      • Aquaphor – An extra lip balm… Paul used this!
      • Mini Green Bottle – FULL of rubbing alcohol. I’m a germophobe when it comes to Hospitals. You better believe I wiped down our bathroom counter, the toilet seat, my food tray & most importantly… my clickers ( TV, Nurse Button, etc.)!
      • Contact Solution – In case I forgot to change my contacts out! Which I did….
      • Jergins Lotion – Another JUST IN CASE!!


So, there you have it! The good, the pointless & the MUST NEED!

Was there anything that I forgot? Yes… the charger to the Bose. But good thing it died the day we were leaving. Was there anything that I wish I would have packed? No. Because if you forget it… it’s not that big of a deal. As long as you have a camera & a loaded carseat. You’re good. (:

XO ~ Kate

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