“Pink is the New Kinda Lingo”

Outfit Details:

Gown: Lanvin ~ Here & Here

Pumps: Christian Louboutin ~ So Kate

Bangles: Presmer

Earrings: Rebecca De Ravenel ~ Out of stock

Clutch: Zara


Y’all, I cannot stop laughing at this photo!! It never fails… I’m always the one with the “red-eyes” or in this case..”crazy-eye.” None of our photos we took that night missed the opportunity to make me look like “The Terminator” as my husband kept introducing me as. Regardless, it didn’t have a chance at ruining our night!! So just ignore my eyes for the rest of the photos!! haha

Fun fact about my husband… if you have foam glow sticks at your wedding, you’re his new best friend. He LOVES them!! He will stop whatever he is doing, dancing, making a toast, taking a photo or talking to the Queen of England… & make a b-line towards the person handing them out & grab as many as possible. It’s hilarious & like watching a kid get a bike on Christmas morning!!

But, that’s not only his favorite thing….


He is a TCU Horned Frog for LIFE!!! I have welcomed this enthusiasm because I am now Horned Frog by Marriage. However, I did not go to TCU which makes me the “third-wheel” in this photo. But, I know that if Raider Red was to show up, he would welcome being our “third-wheel” too!! 😉

Last but not least… this is my FAVORITE photo of the night. At our wedding, the weather drastically changed between the Ceremony & Reception. It was like Beaumont, Texas was being hit by Hurricane Ike allllll over. The winds were absolutely INSANE!!! Sadly, our Flutter Fetti sticks did not go as we intend. It was absolutely hilarious to look at in our photos!! The wind was so strong that the confetti went the opposite direction the moment that our guests would flick them!!

Which is why this photo makes my heart melt. After the bride & groom had exited.. my husband said, “let’s throw some confetti & take a photo.” After one of our sweet friends took a burst of a 1000 photos… we started to step down & Paul turned to me & said, “one of those should make up for our confetti sticks not working, right?” #SWOON ~~ It was the sweetest & most perfect moment!!!

 ~XO, Kate

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