Purple Chair

As most of you know, Paul & I purchased a lot with a previous home on it. The home was once a beautiful staple to the neighborhood & you could see that it once had potential. However, with it being over 50 years old… we were told that it just wasn’t worth salvaging. It would cost more to upkeep than if we were to build new. After much deliberation, we decided to tear the home down & build one of our own.

Backtracking a bit… while looking for a home in our now neighborhood we were finding no such luck. Until, we were in our neighbors house & the realtor said, “the house next door is about to be on the market, would you want to take a look?”

Long story short, we did.. & as we were going through it… I noticed this painting of a purple chair. This painting had no significance to me. I was just drawn to it. It was simple but yet, elegant.

About a week or two had passed & we ended up meeting the seller (the daughter of the woman who once lived there). As we were walking through the house again, she told us that her mother was an artist. She was the one that painted the purple chair, among many other pieces. As we kept talking we found out that.. her mother was originally from Beaumont, Texas (near my hometown) & her great-great grandfather founded a street in Beaumont that just so happens to be near & dear to my family. It was an immediate connection. This house/lot was meant to be ours.

After sealing the deal & closing on the home, the family had an estate sale that I told Paul we just HAD to attend. As soon as we could, we rushed over there to see if there was anything that we wanted. I immediately knew what I wanted. I searched for over an hour through the house, through her art room (which had TONS of paintings) & was seeming to have NO luck finding “my” purple chair.

Paul was getting irritated (he had NO idea what I was looking for) & was ready to leave. Just before I stopped searching, I wanted to check one more place. In the back of her art room, there were tons of large paintings… I just thought MAYBE, just MAYBE it will be stuck to one of those. And it was.

I cried a little when I found it, explained to Paul why I was searching for it. He loved it too…. mainly because it was purple (#TCUFan). But, nonetheless, excited I had found it.

Fastforward, & here we are, a year & a half later, inside our new home & I FINALLY get to put up “my” piece (well, Ms. Hayes’ piece) of art. ¬†When I took it out the other night, as you can see, it still has the dust on it from her art room, it still has fingerprints… maybe hers, maybe mine… but a part of me just can’t seem to wipe them away. I’m not even sure I want to frame it, it’s been sitting like this for who knows how long. It’s my favorite piece of art… & for only being a $1 this painting is worth so much more to me.

See, Ms. Hayes is no longer with us. But, this was once her home. Even though we tore her home down, I wanted her to know (& her family) that we still cherish what was once here. ¬†This painting represents her, it honors her, it reminds me of how far Paul & I have come (to FINALLY get to hang it up), it reminds me of how I once thought, “if we have a girl, I’ll hang this in her room”, this one painting means so much to me. More than I ever thought a painting could.

This isn’t the only painting I bought that day… but, I honestly wish I would have bought more. I’m just so thankful that I found “my” purple chair. It’s vintage, it’s simple, it’s meaningful & it’s perfect.

XO~ Kate




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