Putting on the shoes is the hardest part…

I am THE WORST when it comes to convincing myself to workout. I could be fully dressed & all I would have to do is put my shoes on & that could linger on for hours before I actually did it. Mainly because I would convince myself that, “I needed to do X,Y,Z.. before I can workout.” Like, the dishes need to be put up or I need to reorganize this closet or paint this bedroom – ridiculous justifications for reasons not to workout. So this statement is supremely accurate in my life.

However, oddly enough, I take a lot of pride in my workout shoes. In the past years, running was a big part of my life & having the right shoe, that would last, was imperative. Now, that I rarely run (which I have no good excuse for or maybe the dishes are still not put up), I workout in different ways like, yoga, biking, lifting weights, chasing after Holland… regardless of what it is now, I still have to have the right shoes to get motivated. That is why I go by the three C’s for workout shoes!

Color – Comfort – Cost

Color is important, & there are sometimes that I buy the shoe solely based on that. But, they have to be comfortable. I have a high arched foot, so naturally, any shoe I purchase that is flat, creates discomfort, no matter how cute they are!

Comfort is key. But, this is a problem. You go to the store, try on a shoe, immediately think, “These are great! I’ll take them!” – Then you get on your first run, 10th run & start to feel the pain. THAT should NOT happen! & although that seems like the worst part, not being able to return them actually is. So now, you’re stuck with a pair of shoes that you’ll most likely never wear again aside to fast pace walk through the mall.

Cost coincides with color & comfort. If I’m paying $120+ for running/workout shoes – they better be worth every single penny. Sure you can skimp & buy $50-$75 ones, but in the end, you’re feet will hate you.

This is why I LOVE Running Warehouse & have used them for about 6 years now. I order several different pair all at once, try them on, workout, run, walk, etc. in them for several days, sometimes weeks, because they give you 90 DAYS to try them out. “Running Warehouse wants you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. Items can be returned at any point, new or used, within 90 days from the original invoice date. ” RW – Now isn’t that impressive customer service?!

So, with that being said. Here are my top 4 running/workout shoes that I LOVE & highly recommend.

  1. Nike Zoom Pegasus 35 Women’s Shoes Ember Glow/Pink/Grey

My lounge shoe, ie: grocery shopping, mall walking, running around with Holland. These are SO comfy, the arch is EXTREMELY supportive & I feel like I’m walking on a cloud!! These are BY FAR, my favorite purchase.

2. Nike Free RN 2018 Women’s Shoes Black/White

My running shoe: I’ve purchased this pair twice for two different 5ks. They are lightweight, breathable & make running a breeze!

3. Adidas Ultra Boost 18 Women’s Shoes Orange/Orchid/Pink

My {other} running shoe: I purchased these solely based on what they looked like. BUT – they ended up being one of the best pairs!! They’re again, lightweight for running, PINK & I use them to lift weights in as well.

4. Nike Odyssey React Women’s Shoes Oracle Pink/Pink/Coral

My “just because” shoe: I purchased these in gray awhile back, they are great for just about anything. The support on the arch is AWESOME as well! Posting these pink/coral ones because I think I need them!

SIDE NOTE: This is not an #AD – I just absolutely LOVE being able to try out my shoes, especially those that are for stability, enhancement, training, etc.

If you decide to try out @RunningWarehouse , tag me & let me know how you like them!!

XO ~ Kate

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