Temporarily Corked

A Wine Cork…. what is it for anyway? JK. But, seriously, who REALLY uses them once the bottle is opened?

Okay, so this delayed, short & sweet post really is not about who uses or doesn’t use a cork. It is about the fact that, obviously, my posts on wine have diminished due to becoming pregnant.

Needless to say… I have officially & temporarily been corked.

Which luckily for everyone, will resume sometime after Holland makes her big debut. So stay tuned!

On a side note: I’ll be honest, I/we rarely ever cork a bottle. I open it, decant it & drink it. The only time I’ll cork a bottle is if my husband & I only want one glass instead of two. (What we use for that, I’ll show in a later post). But, we do however, keep all of our corks! Significant or not, we write the occasion & date of when we enjoyed the wine. It’s a fun trip down memory lane when I clean out the glass jars they’re in. From us dating, getting engaged, married, our honeymoon, moving, starting TPP, travels, finding out we were pregnant, & all the little occasions in between… each one we remember like it was yesterday. Once our home is finally built, I’ll have to figure out a better way to display them but until then… in the jars they’ll stay.

XO~ Kate

I’ve tagged a few of our favorites below:


  1. Becky Vickrey
    November 3, 2017 / 8:05 pm

    I have made holiday decorations out of them, cutains, wall decorations in frames. I really enjoy making them for gifts.

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