This is Life (Part II): The Triple D’s

Have the Triple D’s?…..Dry, Damaged or Dehydrated Hair? This post is for you.

So, if y’all can remember… around March last year I had a “hair malfunction” at the salon. This salon will forever go down in history as the worst salon I have ever been too. Perming my hair in 6th grade was a better experience than the experience I had at said salon.

Just to back track for those of you that are new & do not feel like searching for the full story… I’ll give you a little insight as to what happened.

The LICENSED – BLONDE – HAIR STYLIST… over-processed MY BLONDE HAIR. ┬áThere you have it.

But, for those of you who do not know what that means… or have ever seen what that does to blonde hair. Essentially it’s the texture of a wet cotton ball & your hair shrivels up as if you took a match to it. It’s SUPER FUN.

The point of this post is to let all of you out there that have ever had their hair over processed, damaged, etc…

there is life after it.

Life for my hair began after I did these things:

  1. I stopped blow drying my hair – yes, for a solid 6 months… I did not dry my hair with heat. I either used cold air or just rocked the wet hair look.
  2. I would only brush my hair IF I had too. Because, brushing your hair wet already does so much damage to it. So, top that with over processed hair that just breaks any time you do brush it = mega damage.
  3. I searched & searched for the BEST products to use on my hair.
  4. I search for the BEST salon in Dallas to ask questions about my hair & see what they could do.

Luckily, about 3 months after my “hair malfunction” I became pregnant. Which meant that all those super fun hormones that help with hair/nail growth, really did help out my hair. I’ve taken prenatal vitamins for about 4 years prior to getting pregnant (ONLY for the benefits of strong nails & beautiful hair) those really didn’t kick in until I was actually pregnant. But, perfect timing because they really did help out my hair. & NO, I AM NOT SAYING, to go get pregnant if you have a hair malfunction. JS.

So with the help of prenatal vitamins & hormones, my hair started to finally grow & have life again. Once I found the best salon, that I still use & love, they were completely honest & didn’t sugar coat the damage.

They told me to DO NOTHING, other than use a Keratin shampoo/conditioner & the products above. They didn’t even want to cut my hair because of how bad the unevenness was from the damage. They told me to come back in about 4 months. — WHAT SALON would EVER tell a customer “we’re not touching your hair, because we don’t want to do more damage. Come back in 4 months.” – A GREAT SALON. They weren’t trying to make money off of me, they truly cared about me & my hair.

Until then they said to use: The Davines Oi Oil is to contain the frizz, detangle & provide shine to dry/damaged hair. The Davines Momo Hair Potion is a leave in treatment for extremely dry/dehydrated hair. Both of which  my hair needed & loved.

I’ve used both products for about a year now & still continue to use them anytime I wash my hair. I love them & truly feel that they have dramatically changed the texture & life of my hair.

So, if you have any or all of the Triple D’s – I recommend getting these two products!

XO ~ Kate



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