The Winter Coat

Alright, most of you know that these jackets are made for EXTREME temperatures like the Ades, Russia, Alaska, Patagonia… Canada.. etc.

But, if you’re like me and HATE being cold…this is the winter jacket for you!! I purchased this jacket initially for skiing, which was the best decision. Ever. // I love how many pockets there are & to be exact, there are 6.. yes 6! It’s like the cargo pant of jackets!! — I also love that while skiing, I didn’t have to bundle up with 8 layers, just to shed 6 before I even got to the ski lift. It keeps you extra warm, which serves its purpose!

Dressing it up, dressing it down, either works. Tall boots, short boots, ski boots, tennis shoes.. it’s all the same when you’re just trying to stay warm!

Here are a few links to this same jacket, plus similar ones… because a girl just has to have options! ~XO, Kate

Jacket: Canada Goose (similar here, here & here), Sneaks: Nike, Pants: LuluLemon

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