Third Trimester Q&A

The final countdown is on! With less than 20 days to go, I’m still questioning – “How did this pregnancy go by so fast?!” Each day seems to go by faster.. I’m not sure if that is because I’ve been keeping busy or just by chance? I hear a lot of women “complain” the last month is like 38475983745 days long… but for me, it’s been moving WAY too fast.

Within my last few weeks, several of you have asked just about the same questions – which undoubtedly, I would be asking someone that is pregnant during a pandemic the same thing.

Here are the most FAQ:

  1. How are you coping with delivering during COVID-19? Honestly, I’ve done fairly well during this whole lock-down, stay at home business. We’ve been as careful as we can be. But with the thought of delivering in two weeks, there are things that just make me uneasy. Not because of the masks, or the thought of getting COVID during delivery or being in a hospital. All of that is inescapable at this point. What makes me uneasy is the unknown of the next two weeks. With the recent rise, there are so many questions I have & once my Dr. answers those… I’ll be more prepared. So I guess you could say, right now… I’m just taking it day by day.
  2. How are you feeling? I have my good days and my bad days. My bad days mostly consist of discomfort, or swollen feet. Which both are easily remedied by laying down!
  3. Are you nesting? YES! I’ve managed to clean, re-clean & clean again.. just about everything. I’ve finally put away all of his baby clothes, books, etc. Paul is ready for me to just chill.
  4. Why did you put Holland back in school? We made a family decision to do so for her to have a better structure to her day, to jump start potty-training, mingle with her friends… to have some sort of normalcy as things are about to get much different for her. To easy some worries, the school she attends – the teachers are all wearing masks, everyone gets their temperature taken as they enter the building & after lunch. The kids get their temperature taken when they arrive & after nap time. When I drop Holland off, someone meets me at the door, I do not get to go back to where her classroom is anymore & when I pick her up, someone brings her out to my car. It just limits the amount of adult contact & exposure of people in the building. Which I think they are doing right. We have taken this time to get things in order around the house, reorganize & prepare for Harrison.
  5. Why are you not creating a nursery for Harrison? So, before COVID “hit”, Paul & I were tossing around the idea of selling the house & moving. We had a realtor come look at the house, we had a date to put it up on the market… & then BAM… COVID took over & we decided to postpone that. After many talks, we also decided it would be best to wait until after Harrison was born, so that we wouldn’t be moving either while I was 8m pregnant or while he was a few weeks old. So, since we waited too long to create a nursery & since it would be less than ideal to have vendors/additional people in & out of our home, we have decided to wait. I’ve ordered things here & there for one in the future, so it will eventually happen.
  6. What maternity wear did you buy? I only purchased four pieces of maternity wear during this pregnancy. All of which are pieces I can wear after having Harrison! This, This , This & This!
  7. What are you packing in your hospital bag this time? HA! LESS THAN LAST TIME!! But, I have a whole post dedicated to that coming up!
  8. Thoughts on a baby shower during COVID? Well, I did it. My hostesses made sure to let everyone invited know that if they didn’t feel comfortable attending, that that was understandable. My shower was very intimate, everything I wanted it to be. I think this is really a personal preference & you should do what makes you feel comfortable. My Dr.’s advice has been “live your life” & that’s all we can do at this point. Just be careful while doing so. Wash your hands, be smart.

XO~ Kate

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