To Maternity or Not

A lot of women are under the impression that when they become pregnant, that means: no more stylish outfits & that now, everything has to have a bow (to accentuate the bump), dresses have to be form fitting, shirts have to have the cinched sides for extra give, & the list could go on. I’m here to tell you, no. You shouldn’t have to change your entire wardrobe because that bump is growing! Why?… read on…

Now, I know that not all pregnant women (including myself) are going to look like Blake Lively or Amal Clooney during their pregnancies. And, that’s okay!

Every. Pregnancy. Is. Different.

However, that does not mean you should go out and buy all new maternity clothes for each step of your pregnancy. Why? Well, think about it. When will you EVER wear that again, aside from maybe your next pregnancy? Have you looked at maternity clothes prices? They are just as expensive & if not more, than your regular stores, depending on where you’re shopping.

I was fortunate enough, that after my sister had all of her babies, she horded EVERYTHING. & y’all that’s no understatement. She saved it ALL, just for me & I’m so beyond grateful. Considering her oldest is 7 & I’m just now about to have my first! Only downside to that…she is 4 inches shorter than me… which makes her pants, knicker pants on me. Remember those?! haha…

Anyway, I was able to keep a lot of her tops, sports bras, breastfeeding bras, etc. – things of that nature. Which has been & will be a huge life savor. So, whatever you do buy, keep in mind your friends & other family members that may need that kinda stuff one day!

Okay, back to why not to buy maternity.

Why buy all new maternity wear, when you can just buy your normal brand of clothes, in a larger size. Let’s face it, either one day you’ll get pregnant again, hormones may rage & you could gain a little weight as you get older, or there are those days where you just want to wear something that doesn’t touch any part of your skin – aside from your shoulders.

Here is what I did:

  • All of my “maternity jeans & pants,” I purchased from Zara. I went up two sizes. At first, everything was a little baggy & it was cute. Like the boyfriend jean look.  Now, it’s all starting to get tight (not uncomfortable tight, you DO NOT want that) just tight enough to wear it looks like skinny jeans or skinny pants with a baby bump, & I LOVE IT!
    • High waist is honestly the way to go. You’ll be more comfortable throughout the day.
  • All of my tanks are from H&M (some I purchased & some my sister gave to me). These tanks will stretch to no end. They are a great investment for under jackets, sweaters, vests, etc. Pre-baby, during & post-baby they are tanks for everyday.
  • Work tops, now this is where it gets tricky. I am not one for the “tie a bow above the belly” shirt. I am, however, for shirts that are form fitting or loose as can be. Considering where I work, I have to dress Business Casual. Zara & H&M definitely help to keep it simple, classy & without having to spend over $100 on a shirt.
    • Just be careful on the length. Always read measurements!
  • Also, remember that some of your current shirts may work still, don’t push everything to the back of your closet until you try it on!
  • Dresses, now this I will splurge a little on, because: 1) you can wear them over & over & over again 2) you can add a jacket or tights depending on the weather 3) or boots instead of wedges/sandals.

Here’s the thing, all of the current stores you shop at, whether it be, Zara, H&M, Target, Neimans, Dillards, Nordstrom Rack, etc. they all have a larger size than what you wear now. So, there is no reason to buy something you’re only going to wear for maybe a couple of months & then say, “well that’s maternity, I can’t wear that.” Just go up a size or two, depending on how fast your baby bump is growing!


Here I’ve linked my favorite purchases during my pregnancy &  ALL under $50:

Zara Purchases:



~XO, Kate

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