White After Labor Day…?

Who came up with this ridiculous “rule” and why do we still follow it?

I don’t have an answer for either of those questions. However, I do know that I’ve never followed it & I certainly won’t start now… especially while being pregnant.

If you were one of those pregnant women who gained 10-15 lbs & could still fit into your skinny jeans & cute tops… KUDOS to you! However, that’s just not me. I’m not counting calories, nor am I indulging… but I’m also not going to not eat when my body is sending me signals that my growing nugget needs something. So, if I have to say farewell to my skinny jeans & my cute tops… then so be it.  Which means, if I’m left with all white outfits…. you better believe I’m wearing them.

Side note: I read this article the other day (I will not call the writer out or the website), however, reading it made me annoyed & it’s not the first article I’ve come across that address the “no white after Labor Day” ordeal. This article in particular was based on shaming people for wearing white after Labor Day (as if it were anything like wearing socks with sandals..). The article went on & on… on how white was hard to clean (because on any other day it is??), hard to pair with anything in the fall (explain then why Manolo Blahnik, TIBI & other high end designers just came out with ALL WHITE booties for FALL….), how it was so unstructured (the dress I’m wearing below is structured…), how white sweaters are just boring (as opposed to other sweaters? #ACCESSORIZE)…& blah, blah, blah. I came up with solutions (or more so comments) to all of the writers negatives of wearing white after Labor Day. It was just not a lovely article.

In my opinion…the article was written to fill a blank space. I’m a strong believer in, wear what makes you, YOU. Wanna wear socks with sandals, knock your self out. Wanna wear brown shoes with a black belt.. go for it. BE YOU. // I don’t recommend either… but if that’s what makes you feel fancy, go on with your bad self.

Regardless, no one can pinpoint who made up this rule. Whether it was in 2001 or 1801… status or no status. Every year we hear this “rule of thumb.” It’s ridiculous. // Okay..okay.. hopping off of high horse…..

As of lately, I’ve found several flowy dresses that just so all happen to be white. They are perfect to pair with fall accessories: a scarf, booties, red, etc. So, while some of you may disagree & push all of your white to the back of your closet until next Spring, I will keep mine right where they are. Especially this dress.

It has pockets… for all the right reasons. Oh, & notice, the dress is so chic… it’s perfect for HIDING the bump for those that are keeping it a secret for a little longer!

The details are stunning, the puffed sleeves, pleated elongated collar, hidden pockets, sweater cuffs & the flow of this dress makes it breezy and lightweight.

Y’all know I love pairing my outfits with my Presmer bangles!!

My lovely little bump… check it out! 😉  Did you sing that? haha! // This is by far my favorite photo (so far) while being pregnant. I feel pretty, I don’t look like I swallowed my twin & my hair is finally doing what I want it too!!! I know I could use a color… but I’m not hating this natural ombre look.

~XO, Kate


Dress: Tibi (Similar Here & Here); Booties: Gianvito Rossi (Similar Here & Here); Bangles: Presmer;

Earrings: Old (Similar Here)

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