You Don’t Plan For Life, Life Plans For You

After celebrating our one year of marriage, Paul & I decided that we were going to save up & at the end of the year take a “Next Chapter” trip to Patagonia, Argentina. We were so excited because this meant, saving for a trip of a lifetime & also, starting the next chapter of our lives after that, a family.

January, February & March came at us like the speed of “Formula Rossa.” As we were saving up for this huge trip, we were also looking at houses. Every weekend. Which seemed kinda counterproductive considering this trip would be a pretty penny… but so is purchasing a home. Obviously. So, I was confused on where we stood. Were we going to Argentina or were we buying a home? I constantly questioned Paul, because even though I wanted so badly to go to Argentina (even though it was on his “Bucket List” not mine), I was so excited about building a home together.

At the beginning of April, we were going back & fourth on what to do & finally decided it was time to leave our apartment of almost three years. Argentina was officially put on hold.

Mid-April came & as we were looking at a home to purchase, we came across one that was a tear down.  Our initial thoughts were, “UM, NO THANK YOU. We did not sign up for a re-build/re-model.” In our minds, we were set on finding a home that was move-in ready, of course we would do some minor home improvements to whatever we found but a tear down was simply out of the question.

Regardless, Paul & I decided to take a look at the inside of the home. My Mother-in-Law & Father-in-Law wanted to come too. As we walked through, in my head I was constantly saying, “no, nope, never, not going to happen!” It especially didn’t help considering they were getting ready for an estate sale. So everything this woman had owned was spread throughout. It was hard to have an open mind. However, to lighten my mood, as soon as we walked in my Mother-In-Law, sees this baby rocking chair. The entire time we are there, she cannot stop talking about it. “I wonder if they’re selling this?” “You think she will sell it to me now?” “Isn’t this just the cutest thing?” “Should I ask her?” — OMG!!! I could not stop laughing at her. By the end of the tour, we are all getting into the car & out comes Jaye, with the baby rocking chair. “Only $5!!”

— Lets just say… I think that is when she baby jinxed us. 😉

As we got in the car, I could not get it past my head that, we would have to remodel this home… it would take YEARS. Y’all… I mean it when I say yearS. I did not want to start from scratch, I did not want to remodel an entire home (rooms sure, not home), & I did not want to wait.

I was wrong. So wrong.

The seller wanted us to come back & look at it again & meet. Not thrilled at all… I agreed only because Paul was not going to take no for an answer. I’m glad he didn’t.  After the first five minutes with her, everything just seemed right. Wait, I take that back, not just “seemed right” it was perfect. The sellers mother, whom had lived in the home for over 10 years was born & raised in a city near my hometown  & the city Paul & I were married in. Crazy right! It gets better! Her mother’s great-great grandfather FOUNDED the city, & named one of the streets which is by the building where Paul & I had our reception. Needless to say, we walked out feeling like this was just meant to be. I had chills & tears, which I thought was just strange.

Yet, we still had one question to answer. Do we remodel or do we tear down & build?

It took all of two minutes of Paul’s convincing (big closet, dining room, the works) to get me on board. It was official, we were building a home together. #FREAKINGOUT

A few days passed & the estate sale started, but before everything was rummaged through. I wanted to have something from our first home. During our second walk through, I was told that the woman that lived there was a painter… & during a walk through of her art studio, I noticed a beautiful piece of artwork that I had to have. So, I made it a point to find that. I also found other amazing pieces that I will get framed & hang somewhere in our new home.

A few weeks passed, we signed papers & became official home owners to what we like to call “our little shack.” Only a day after we signed papers, we found out we were expecting. AHHHH!!!

It’s crazy to look back & think that if all this had not have happened, would we still be saving for Argentina? Would we be expecting? Would we have found the perfect home? It’s all unanswered questions.. & to be quite honest. I don’t need to know the answers to them.

Building/designing a home with my husband all while expecting our first child is mind-blowing! God works in mysterious ways. There is a reason for His ways. We don’t question them, we accept them & pray that He is doing everything in His power for what is right for our now little family.

So, just to reiterate my title…. You don’t plan for life, life plans for you. Sometimes, planning is exhausting & it doesn’t always go your way. But, if you sit back & let life decide for you… how can you beat that?

XO~ Kate

P.S. Yes, that is the photo of our first home with Hanz. We just know it was a beautiful home back in the day & we will always cherish it.

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